The space in which I work and exhibit my pieces and hand-painted silk scarves is so special that it is already part of my creation.

Ensedarte's boutique-workshop is located in the so-called Sala de los Mosaicos of the Valencia North Station. The whole complex is celebrated as one of the most important works of Valencian modernism, specifically within the Viennese Secessionism.

The Mosaic Room was the former canteen.Today it is hard to imagine such a jewel dedicated to such a prosaic use! This room, which was closed for 20 years, is the work of the painter and ceramist Gregorio Muñoz Dueñas and is one of the most visited spaces in Valencia. In addition, all these mosaics are full of symbols and stories, the woman portrayed in the central mosaic has a touching story for example. Creating and displaying my hand-painted silk scarves in this space full of history is very beautiful and emotional.

Rare is the traveller who does not stop for a second. to admire the colourful mosaics of botanical and regionalist inspiration. For me it is a pride and pleasure to work here surrounded by trencadís, glazed ceramics and the spectacular carving work on the wooden wainscoting.

Valencia shares a large part of its history with silk production and that is why I believe that this is a natural space for my creation. Here the journey, silk and Valencia meet again.
You can visit Ensedarte here.