Carmen Enguita

The she-wolf wears silk

Tailor-made projects for Goddesses like you

I met Carmen in times of confinementI was also able to find answers through social media, at a time when stopping made me search for answers.

I loved his direct and clear message to women over 40.

Reconnecting, coming home, loving each other, taking care of each other, laughing, loving their bodies...

Deserve to be happy and stop seeing wrinkles and imperfections and love yourself more.

I am in that vital moment of physical and mental changes and I felt it close.

I know too many women around me who give up after 50.
Who don't look at themselves in mirrors, who don't give pleasure to each other...

Carmen For me she is the symbol of a living woman with bright eyes who lives life freely and authentically, a mirror to look into, a guide to learn from.

So I proposed to her to create for her, for that woman we would like to be.

To create a kind of shamanic cloak that represents her and make you feel like a goddess when you dress herA superwoman in the most special moments, when she teaches other women or does her ceremonies, or simply when she wants to feel like herself.

We were writing and talking a lot and when I had concepts, words, colours... then I made some sketches that I showed him and when he thought it was right, then I started to paint.

I created two different shawls

The front, with warm tones, oranges, pinks, lilacs, beige, as well as a sunset, empty space for whatever comes, peace, calm...

And I created a symbol over the heart, to symbolise ".nipple content, heart content, wisdom“.

The back, with cold tones, blues, greys and contrasts. Below with flowers in yellows and pinks.

Nocturnal, woman who runs with wolves, water that cleanses, flowering.

Each shawl has a system of joints that allows them to be transformed independently into boleros or together into a tunic.

We did a photo session at his home and another one outdoors, in one of his favourite places: the San Juan reservoir, in Madrid.

It became her second skin, the soft, light silk, danced with her, spun, bathed and acquired the meaning for which it was created.

Sensual, beautiful, silk and Carmen merged in an embrace and became one.

It was magical, you can see it in the wonderful photos taken by Carmen Romo.

Do you want me to create one for you?

They can be used as a shawl, jacket or tunic, if you use two. You can order one or two.

The working system is: