La Haceria is a new initiative of the fashion brand  Moisés Nietofounded in 2012.

She was a prize-winner in the first edition of the competition. Madrid Fashion Capital 2020 of the Madrid City Council.

Ensedarte with its hand-painted silks joins the haceria, this new platform with great enthusiasm.

Ensedarte joins the haceria

Its ultimate goal is to create a new way of working.

Co-design must be part of our daily lives, as the near future lies in the union between designers, producers and craftsmen.
This has resulted in the development of La Haceríaa digital platform where artisans and artists can showcase their work and encourage contact with other artists to collaborate on new projects, revitalising and re-empowering traditional craft techniques alongside new trends.

Ensedarte joins the haceria, she had to be there, because this is also her way of seeing creation, collaboration, local and national growth together with other colleagues and the haceria is the perfect place.

Ensedarte and his file in the haceria

So if it resonates with you, browse around and buy, order or if you are an artisan too, participate and join in because together we are better.

Here is the link