Silk twill is easy to recognise and easy to fall in love with. It is the fabric used in the famous Hermes carré and is closely associated with the world of luxury.

It is a versatile and distinctive fabric, with a beautiful drape and a touch of satin sheen.
The cross weave, a fabric with many peculiarities, is obtained by weaving the threads so that they create a 45° oriented structure. In essence, the warp threads tie the wefts together following the diagonal pattern of the twill or twill weave.

Due to its structure, the light returns deeper and more intense colours than Habotai silk, for example. This makes it suitable for dark or saturated colour designs. It is heavier in weight than Habotai silk and less transparent.

Silk twill can withstand quite a lot of stress without tearing and can therefore be used to make tight-fitting garments such as dresses or shirts.