The best gift for mum is sometimes a difficult question, sometimes we find it hard to choose or even to know what she would like the most.

Maybe we think first of a perfume, but there is so much variety that it is very difficult to get it right, and if we buy the one he already uses, then there is no surprise.

A necklace, ring or earrings would also be nice, and then you ask yourself, gold, silver? will she have an allergy to any metal? and you are left wondering what to do.

So maybe an item of clothing would be a good option, but what size should I buy her? If I overdo it, she might feel offended?

And suddenly the light bulb comes on!

A silk scarf! That's sure to please him! 

She wears scarves every day and a silk scarf would make her very happy because it is special.

If you could also include your name and a card with a personalised dedication and gift packaging, it would be perfect.

I have been recommended Ensedarte, because they hand-paint scarves and scarves silk, in Valencia and they can even paint the motifs that you indicate to them and that are the favourites of the person being given the gift.

So I'm going to contact them right now?

New Ensedarte Spring Summer collection