Ensedarteenter the guide Homofaber with great pride and happiness in this wonderful "Michelin guide" with the best of world craftsmanship.

Eva Escamilla,Ensedarte at Homofaber
Eva Escamilla in her workshop Ensedarte Atelier

Homofaber was created by the Michelangelo Foundation a non-profit organisation.

Its mission and aim is to promote artisan excellence and the recovery and maintenance of craft trades.

Johan Rupert y Franco Cologni have been the patrons and promoters of this wonderful project.

homofaber guide

There are only a few artisans chosen in Valencia, but you can't miss it.

In addition to locating artisan workshops, you can also find highly recommended experiences and visits.

Come and visit me, I'll be waiting for you in my workshop and you can book an appointment to paint with me.

Eva Escamilla Ensedarte at Homofaber guide

I am waiting for you!