My finalist project of the Craft Awards This year's Comunitat Valenciana is called Jamba.

You know what a Jamba?

I was always struck by the doors of the old Valencian houses in the villages,

with those beautiful tiles in the frame, with animals, geometric motifs, flowers, etc.

These are the jambs.

silk scarf jambs
ceramic silk scarf from manises

I love ceramics and especially Manises ceramics, which has also been recognised by the Unesco That is why I have chosen the beautiful doorjambs of his town as decorative motifs as a tribute, specifically those that you can see in the street where the Manises Ceramics Museum is located.

That's why I decided to make them visible and share them on a silk scarf, as a way of remembering that we have so much beauty around us that we don't see or pay attention to, busy in our hurry or looking at our mobile phones.....

manises jambs
ceramic silk scarf from manises

I like to work from tradition, from the roots of what I have in my proximity, in my local culture, from here to outside, because this is what makes me peculiar," he said.glocal“.

You can visit the exhibition with this Craft Awards Finalist and other great works at the Centro de Artesania Comunitat Valenciana until March 2022.

Don't miss it!

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