A hand-painted silk scarf, representing the classic motifs that we can find in fallera or valenciana dresses, pure fallera soul to wear all year round.

Ensedarte launches a new and very special silk scarf. This year in particular, when the Failures 2021The fact that we do not know whether they will be able to be held again as they were last year in 2020, makes the feeling of belonging to this wonderful region even more important.

Spur shawl, hand-painted on silk.

The Fallas of Valencia are a unique tradition in the world and surprise international tourists with their originality, both in relation to the monuments and their burning at the end of the festivities, on the night of 19 March, as well as their sound and smell, represented in our love of gunpowder.

Although without a doubt, the Fallas have been especially relevant internationally for their costumes, and especially for their inclusion in the Silk Route by UNESCO in 2017 to protect the origin and silk heritage that we have in our community and that can be visited in the following places La Lonja of Silk and the Silk Museum, both in the centre of Valencia.

For all these reasons Ensedarte, launches a new product, a hand painted silk handkerchief, the Espolín modelwhich has the particularity that it is painted to order on the basis of a photo of a drawing of the Valencian dress of the person who orders it. It is drawn on the silk, outlined, the details and the background are painted, and then it is steamed, washed, dried and ironed, a process that takes about 10 days.

espolín shawl made to measure for your valenciana dress

Undoubtedly a unique gift for any woman with a fallera soul, a piece that she can wear all year round and that she can keep and pass on as a legacy to her descendants, because silk is an investment worth enjoying.

spurred shawl

A luxury you can afford.

Just send me a message so that we can study the details of yours and I will be happy to get to work on it.