The Valencian silk and vegetable garden come together in the new "Juego de la Huerta", a very special project made with love by Horta viva and Eva Escamilla, whose mission is to teach agroecology to children in a fun and entertaining way, with the family.

"Eva Escamilla: When Miquel, Carol and Lambi called me in the middle of confinement to explain their idea, that general feeling of sadness vanished. I had had to close my shop in a hurry and bring everything to a screeching halt. I simply loved the soul of the game and also being able to give shape to the dreams of 3 people who in these uncertain times allowed themselves to turn them into reality in spite of everything.

I thought my contribution was to do it the best way I knew how, with silk.

So after many drawings of vegetables, fruits, animals and characters, we found a consensus to show the local specialities, so that the project would be coherent with its intention.
The next step was to transfer these drawings to silk, outline them and paint them, just as I do with my scarves.
This process of illustration on silk makes the orchard game a unique project, as it is not something usual, and for me it was the first time and I think it is also the first time that something like this has been done in the world of games.

After scanning the originals, I started the retouching, graphic design and layout of the cards. To finish with the design of the box.

Last December, just before the Three Wise Men wrote their letters, El juego de la huerta went on sale, and has found its way into the hands of many children who spend a lot of fun time with their families at home.
I can say that it has been a challenge for me, and also a source of pride to have participated in this project.

I love the result!

Thank you very much to Horta Viva for counting on me. Now everybody play!

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