On a daily basis I meet customers from all over the world who hesitate to buy silk products for fear of washing.

I have to tell you that I wash it by hand without any problems, all my scarves and garments are washed after painting to remove stiffness and excess paint.

It is a simple process:

  1. Soak the silk in cold water, with a splash of liquid hand-washing soap.
  2. Stir without rubbing (this is the key, because it is delicate and the fibres can open up).
  3. Rinse thoroughly without squeezing or twisting.
  4. Leave to dry in the shade or indoors.
  5. Iron from the back side at maximum temperature and with steam. The point here is to do it quickly, even if it's scary, it's the only way to get rid of creases.

And that's it! You will continue to wear your piece of Natural silk for years, besides silk is a protein fibre with characteristics that make it more resistant to soiling than cottonWith a little care, it does not need to be washed very often.


  • Warm water temperature below 30 °C/85 °F
  • Silk is resistant to acid, but not to alkaline. So it is better not to use an alkaline detergent or detergent soap. Silk specific products are highly recommended.