It all started with Batik in 1993...

I was studying Fine Arts at the University of Valencia and I signed up for an optional course with Carmen Francés. And there I discovered colour and improvisation and that would mark the rest of my creative life.

I used to draw with pencil and black ink, controlling my hand and the result to the millimetre. But batik is full of curves, spots and unforeseen events. and that made me experience the beauty of uncertainty. It is an ancient technique originating in Indonesia and Africa, which draws with a mixture of hot wax and is based on reserving areas and working in layers. I fell in love with the smell of the hot wax, the textures of the crackle and the cotton.

Later I worked as a designer in Japan's largest button company and had the opportunity to soak up the wonderful textile heritage of their culture. I had my first contact with silk, Shibori, and other precious techniques, but we will discover this in another post.