Conditions of sale and returns

The price indicated at all times next to the product includes VAT but does NOT include handling and port charges.

Ensedarte reserves the right to unilaterally modify the prices of the products without prior notice. Ensedarte may also reward its customers with discounts for prompt payment or cash payment. This discount or rebate will be made by Ensedarte freely and voluntarily and at its sole discretion.

Additional discounts and promotional gifts for quantity or volume of order will be exclusively those stated by Ensedarte in its offer and will be valid until the expiry of the indicated period or the exhaustion of its stock.

Handling and shipping costs shall be borne by the customer and shall be specified in the shopping basket and on the order. These costs may vary depending on a new destination chosen by customers.

In order to make a purchase, it is essential to fill in the shopping basket and to have previously filled in the corresponding form, after which the order will have to be issued with the definitive prices of the products as well as the approximate delivery times and payment behaviour.

The delivery time will depend on the products and the province / country in which the shipment is made, as well as the type of shipment chosen. In any case begins to count from the moment Ensedarte receives the amount of the order or validation of the cash on delivery sale. Shipments of goods paid for by bank transfer will have an additional three days delivery time. The delivery of any of the products purchased under these general terms and conditions is subject to Ensedarte's availability plan. Ensedarte will make its best efforts to deliver on the date foreseen, offered or confirmed. However, Ensedarte shall not be held responsible for any failure to meet these dates, provided that this is due to causes beyond Ensedarte's control.

If the delay in delivery is attributable to Ensedarte and exceeds 15 days, it will proceed, upon written request of the customer, to the full refund of the amount prepaid for the goods whose delivery had been delayed. Likewise, Ensedarte shall not be liable for any loss of profit or consequential damage, direct or indirect, and its maximum liability in any case will be the value of the goods.

If the customer cancels all or part of an order before Ensedarte has dispatched it, Ensedarte may require the payment of compensation for costs and processing, consisting of 4% of the value of the rejected goods. Customers may use any of the payment methods offered by Ensedarte. In the event that the customer accepts prepayment as a form of payment, this will be fully effective and the customer will proceed to pay for the product after placing the order.

The products purchased must be paid for after the final price has been accepted, which will be sent by e-mail, by sending Ensedarte the amount stated therein, using one of the selected payment methods.

Once payment has been verified, Ensedarte will start processing the order.

After having received the payment corresponding to an ORDER, Ensedarte will proceed to issue and send the INVOICE to the address that appears in the subscription, or to the address indicated by the customer.

Ensedarte will endeavour to deliver the products in the same way as they appear on the website. However, its suppliers may sometimes vary certain characteristics or quantities offered in a batch without prior notice. Ensedarte may also vary these in a non-substantial manner, without incurring any liability whatsoever.

A copy of the delivery note detailing the goods of the complete order accompanies each shipment. The receiver is obliged to check that the number of his order and the number on this delivery note match. It must also be checked that the number of packages appearing on the carrier's Delivery Document coincides with the number of packages delivered.
Upon delivery of the goods, the User must sign the delivery note giving his agreement to the delivery made. The User's agreement on the delivery note implies the waiver of any type of claim or complaint regarding the goods ordered and received.
The goods travel to their destination insured against all Ensedarte risks, and the cost of this insurance is included in the price corresponding to the handling and transport section.
In order to make the insurance cost effective and to rectify any error in the delivery, it is an essential condition that any incident regarding the goods received or their packaging is stated in the observations section of the carrier's delivery document. It is also essential that Ensedarte is informed of this incident within a maximum period of 24 hours, by e-mail or telephone.

If these conditions are not fulfilled, Ensedarte will not assume any responsibility for the goods.


The guarantee applies as long as the product is used under normal operating conditions as determined by the manufacturers. Ensedarte is not obliged to compensate the user or third parties for the consequences of the use of the product, be they direct or indirect damage, accidents suffered by persons, damage to property outside the product, loss of profit or earnings, damage resulting from deterioration or loss of data.

The products are out of warranty for the following reasons:
-If they have received, once delivered to the customer, any deterioration due to external events, accidents or poor following of instructions.
-If they are damaged as a result of incorrect use by the customer.
-Products not supplied by v.
-Where appropriate, if the general conditions imposed by a manufacturer for a product so indicate.

Refunds and termination rights

The return of any goods shall require the agreement of both parties. Ensedarte reserves the right to demand compensation for any damage suffered by the goods, as well as to recover the direct costs incurred by the return. Ensedarte will only accept the return of the goods if:

1 - Within the period established by law, the purchaser exercises his right of withdrawal. Ensedarte shall accept the exercise of the aforementioned right only and exclusively when the goods are in the same state as they were delivered and ready for sale, with their original packaging and when they are in perfect condition, and having fulfilled the requirements established in the point describing the delivery.

2 - The goods are defective: In this respect Ensedarte will comply with the provisions of the Law on Defective Products, immediately replacing the product with another with identical conditions and performance.
3 - The goods were not delivered within the period previously indicated by Ensedarte in its BID IN FIRM.
4 - Ensedarte will also refund the amount of the goods when, for reasons not attributable to it (either directly or indirectly), it is unable to deliver them.
5 - Ensedarte will accept the return of the goods when, for reasons attributable to it, the product ordered does not correspond to the one requested by the customer.

These General Terms and Conditions shall be automatically terminated by the termination of the Ensedarte Company or by the filing of applications for bankruptcy (voluntary or necessary), suspension of payments, arrangement with creditors, general assignment of assets in favour of creditors, cessation of the company's own activities, request for a waiver, etc..

Pursuant to the provisions of the Law on the Regulation of Retail Trade as well as those regulated by Community regulations (Directive 97/7/EC), Ensedarte will grant a period of 15 days for the resolution or cancellation of the contract.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Ensedarte and in accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned Directive and the Retail Trade Management Act, may consider that when the products ordered by the customer were clearly customized and made according to the specifications of the consumer, or others that at the time determined, the aforementioned right of termination or these general conditions shall not prevail, prevailing therefore the contract of sale between parties signed. This contract shall be issued by Ensedarte and sent to the CUSTOMER with the purpose of accepting the conditions set out therein and waiving these General Conditions.