On the 9th of October, the day of the Valencian Community, Sant Donís is also celebrated, the day of lovers for the Valencians.

The tradition of La Mocaorà (or Mocadora) is that men give a handkerchief (or mocador) to their partners and mothers, lest they become jealous. The handkerchief is wrapped in exquisite marzipan in the shape of fruit and vegetables from the Valencian orchard.

The origin of the mocadorà dates back to the 18th century.

After the War of Succession, in which we Valencians were seriously harmed, the Nueva Planta Decrees prohibited the celebration of the entry of Jaume I in Valencia.

The proud and mischievous response to this prohibition by the Bourbons came from the bakers, a very old and preeminent guild in the area. These confectionery artists began to produce marzipan sweets that represented the rockets that could no longer be launched, the traditional piuleta and tronador. These sweets also have an amusing erotic connotation, as their shape is reminiscent of male and female sexual organs.

"La Mocadoráas we know it today, was born in 1738, although the tradition of sweets and marzipan was much older. It has been documented that only families with a certain economic level could have access to this tradition. The rest of the population was used to eating porridge. You can see an interesting article with a lot of documentation here.

Every year I paint personalised scarves during the mocaorà.

From the beginning of what was to become a tradition, the sweets were wrapped in silk handkerchiefs that are kept year after year by the beloved woman.

For me it is a very special date, as a Valencian and as a silk artist, every year I paint personalised scarves during the mocaorà. Many lovers come to the Estación del Norte to look for a unique and original scarf for their loved one. I invite you to visit me in my boutique-atelier Ensedarte.