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Luxury  Custom Project

Finalist of 2022 Valencia Craft Prize.

Eighteenth century dress, fantasy style “chinnoiserie” applied in Valencian costume.
Design and hand painted silk skirt, bodice and shawl, on  made in valencia silk.
A handmade process with more than 80 hours of work.

We can bring tradition to the present and innovate without losing it, keeping Valencian silk alive.

Quality, originality, exclusivity and manual dexterity in a piece with a traditional format.

It appeals to our traditional dresses and fabrics but with a fresh, different decoration, which in turn includes motifs that represent us as oranges and flowers, these pieces of the iconic imagery of our spurs and silk tradition.

The “Chinnoiserie” style is a classic of English decoration in the richest salons and refers to Asian motifs of its colonial period, which are connected with the silk route and with us through it.

Silk made in Valencia by Vives i Marí custom made for this project.

The work is aimed at costume designers of traditional and film costumes. They are looking for quality pieces and unique, luxury finishes, to recreate historical or new prints with a classic air.

Also to high-end interior designers who want prints for their silk textiles, furniture or walls.

Brands like Degournay are my reference, and they have a waiting list for their hand-painted products on silk as coatings.

TV series like “Bridgerton’s” are an example of an application in trend like the one I present.

All parts are fitted and adjusted on the model.

A spectacular result is obtained!

Boceto preparado

White sketch created


Eva's Still Life

Painted sketch

silk dress handpainted Vestido de seda pintado a mano en Valencia

corpiño de seda

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