Welcome to a unique experience that fuses art, elegance and human connection: the Luxury Silk Experience.

Eva Escamilla, owner of Ensedarte, in this exclusive event, guides selected groups in the creation of a collective masterpiece: a natural silk scarf of extraordinary dimensions painted by themselves.

Designed for companies looking to reward their employees, families looking for memorable moments and local councils looking to strengthen community ties, this team building experience is the perfect choice for any time of year.

Connecting through Creativity and Sustainability

The Elegance of Silk Art

At the heart of this experience is Ensedarte, Eva Escamilla's art shop, specialising in hand-painted silk.

Eva, the visionary behind this handmade production project, has elevated creativity and quality through various textile techniques such as batik, natural dyes, silk painting, shibori, ty-dye, ecoprint and nuno felting.

Their exquisite creations adorn shawls, bags, fans, scarves y textiles for decoration.

Linking Stories Through Art

Team Building with a Touch of Elegance

The team building concept comes to life as participants immerse themselves in collaborative creation by painting a silk scarf as a group.

The final work, designed with care and dedication, becomes a tangible symbol of the group's togetherness and collaboration.

Whether it's for a company looking to strengthen employee morale, a family looking for a unique activity to share or a city council looking to strengthen the community, the Luxury Silk Experience offers a unique connection through art.

Eva Escamilla: The Master Behind the Magic

Art with Purpose

As master of ceremonies, Eva Escamilla infuses each experience with her passion and artistic skill.

Their commitment to sustainable craftsmanship and creativity is reflected in every detail of Ensedarte. This event is not only an opportunity to explore creativity, but also to appreciate the beauty of purposeful art.

Sustainability in Every Stroke

Natural and Eco-Friendly Dyeing

Ensedarte stands out not only for its aesthetic beauty, but also for its commitment to sustainability.

The use of natural dyes, eco-friendly techniques such as ecoprint and respect for traditional craft processes highlight Eva Escamilla's conscious approach to environmental preservation.

How to Participate in the Luxury Silk Experience

Booking your Space

If you wish to immerse yourself in this unique experience, you can book your space through the internal link to our booking page.

Companies, families and municipalities are invited to explore creativity, strengthen ties and contribute to sustainability through the Luxury Silk Experience.

At Ensedarte, we believe that the beauty of art is not only in the final result, but in the connection and the story that is woven with each brushstroke.

Join us for an experience that goes beyond the canvas, where elegance meets collaboration and sustainability.