Giant Experiences: When Art and Celebration Merge

By |2024-04-11T06:16:43+02:0011 April, 2024|Events|

Welcome to a revolutionary concept in the world of celebrations and significant events: Giant Experiences. This initiative is specially designed for groups of eight or more people who wish to leave a lasting mark of their togetherness and joy to the world. [...]

Luxury Silk Experience: Creating Unforgettable Links with Art and Sustainability

By |2023-12-01T12:47:35+01:001 December, 2023|Design, Events, Workshops|

Welcome to a unique experience that fuses art, elegance and human connection: the Luxury Silk Experience. Eva Escamilla, owner of Ensedarte, guides select groups in the creation of a collective masterpiece in this exclusive event: [...]

Retail Future 2023: Ensedarte, "e-leader", which stands out for its commitment to innovation and digitisation

By |2023-11-28T12:36:12+01:007 November, 2023|Events, Valencia|

The Retail Future 2023 has crowned Ensedarte, "e-leader", which stands out for its commitment to innovation and digitalisation, held on 31 October, was an outstanding event in the field of retail. This congress brought together a [...]

Ensedarte protagonist in the Shopening night of Valencia

By |2022-08-02T19:55:30+02:002 August, 2022|Events, News|

Ensedarte, protagonist in the last edition of the Valencia shopping night, participated with a silk painting demonstration at the stand of Visit Valencia, the tourist organisation that promotes our city to the world. Eva Escamilla painting on silk [...]

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