The Retail Future 2023 has crowned Ensedarte, "e-leader", which stands out for its commitment to innovation and digitalisation, held on 31 October, was an outstanding event in the field of retail.

This congress brought together a select group of establishments, among them Ensedarte, Candela en Rama, Truffles Martinez, The Spice Parade, Saratoga and Domani, UtopickLa Tahona del Abuelo, Sport and Trend, Núvols de Regals, Megamobiliario, The Home Shop, TrendsplantCarnicería Ramón, Timpers, Tutto Piccolo, Raúl Asencio, El Món d'Ausiàs e Iata-Espardenyeswho were recognised for their contributions to the sector.

The Director General for Trade, Maribel SanzThe event was headlined by the President of the European Commission, Mr. J. K. Kaufmann, who highlighted the importance of innovation and digital transformation in an ever-changing world, where technology and digitalisation are redefining the way we live, work and interact with each other.

He stressed that innovation goes beyond the mere adoption of technology, constituting a mindset that constantly seeks new ways to improve and adapt to market demands.

Sanz congratulated the entrepreneurs and leaders behind these companies, highlighting their role as role models for other entrepreneurs.

In this issue, Retail Future 2023 focused on boosting the retail industry and craftsmanship, providing insights and reflections on how today's actions will impact the future.

Key topics included economic business management, sustainability and disruptive technologies, with the aim of ensuring the continued growth of these sectors.

Agustín Rovira, director of the Pateco Office, underlined the intention to inspire change and overcome barriers in the transformation of local trade and crafts.

The event concluded with thanks to the renowned speakers and over 400 people who came together to participate in Retail Future 2023, leaving a legacy of valuable knowledge and collaboration for the retail sector.