The Exclusivity of Having a Tailor-Made Silk Shawl: A Luxurious Experience

By |2024-07-03T15:56:11+02:003 July, 2024|La Seda, Tailor-made projects, Workshops, Techniques|

A few weeks ago, a client brought me a photo of a model who had attended the famous Met Gala. She was dazzled by the incredible dress she was wearing, an exclusive Harris Reed design. The Met Gala, known as the [...]

Luxury Silk Experience: Creating Unforgettable Links with Art and Sustainability

By |2023-12-01T12:47:35+01:001 December, 2023|Design, Events, Workshops|

Welcome to a unique experience that fuses art, elegance and human connection: the Luxury Silk Experience. Eva Escamilla, owner of Ensedarte, guides select groups in the creation of a collective masterpiece in this exclusive event: [...]

Experience silk with Ensedarte at the Museu Comarcal de Torrent

By |2022-11-01T22:04:50+01:001 November, 2022|News, Uncategorized, Workshops|

On the 26th I did a participatory workshop at the Museo Comarcal de Torrent. On the occasion of the celebration of the Agriculture Week and for two hours I shared knowledge and stories about silk with children and adults. Eva [...]

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