The Exclusivity of Having a Tailor-Made Silk Shawl: A Luxurious Experience

By |2024-07-03T15:56:11+02:003 July, 2024|La Seda, Tailor-made projects, Workshops, Techniques|

A few weeks ago, a client brought me a photo of a model who had attended the famous Met Gala. She was dazzled by the incredible dress she was wearing, an exclusive Harris Reed design. The Met Gala, known as the [...]

How to Care for and Maintain Silk Shawls, Blouses and Scarves

By |2024-05-31T12:42:29+02:0030 May, 2024|La Seda, Techniques|

Maintaining the silk of your shawls, blouses and scarves is as easy as caring for them. The silk of your shawls, blouses and scarves, purchased in Ensedarte, is delicate and requires special care to maintain its beauty and durability. Here you [...]

The Magic of Hand Painted and Custom Made Silk Scarves in Valencia

By |2024-04-23T14:11:30+02:0020 April, 2024|Boutique-Atelier, Design, La Seda|

In the heart of Valencia, you will find Ensedarte, my small shop / workshop with artisan tradition, where you will find The Magic of Hand Painted and Custom Made Silk Scarves. I think accessories that not only complement any outfit, [...]

Handmade Wedding Shawls, Capes and Shawls for Weddings

By |2024-03-11T16:59:24+01:0010 March, 2024|Boutique-Atelier, La Seda, Tailor-made projects, Valencia|

Discover the latest trends in bridal fashion: shawls, capes and shawls made to measure in natural silk habotai Bridal fashion is constantly evolving and each season brings new trends and styles that set the standard for brides and grooms. [...]

Celebrating Love and Tradition: Mocadorà and Marzipan in Valencia

By |2023-11-28T12:35:31+01:0027 September, 2023|La Seda, Valencia|

The city of Valencia, bathed in sunshine and love, celebrates its Valencian Community Day every 9th October, coinciding in a magical way with the Day of Saint Dionis, patron saint of lovers. Love Wrapped in Sweets: [...]

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