The city of Valencia, bathed in sunshine and love, celebrates every 9th October its Valencian Community DayThe event coincides in a magical way with St. Dionysus Day, the patron saint of lovers.

Love Wrapped in Candy: The Ritual of Saint Dionis

On Saint Dionis Day, Valencians in love show their affection in a unique way: they buy marzipan, real edible works of art, and wrap them carefully in silk handkerchiefs.

This silk scarfMore than a wrap, it becomes an embrace of love and tradition. In addition, its versatility allows it to be combined with a variety of trendy garments, adding a stylish and contemporary touch to any outfit.

Mocador Dolseta: A Visual Feast of Colours and Textures

The Dolceta MocadorThe habotai silk is a real jewel, painted in bright and cheerful colours.

These bright shades, which resemble a visual symphony, represent, in the abstract, the various marzipan fruits that the master confectioners masterfully mould.

Every knot, every fold and every brushstroke of colour in this scarf evokes the very essence of the sweet Valencian tradition.

Elegance and Versatility

In addition to their emotional significance, Dolseta headdresses are versatile and stylish accessories that will complement any on-trend outfit.

Whether you wear them around your neck, on your wrist or in your pursewill add a touch of sophistication and colour to your style.

A Touch of Elegance and Flavour: Order Yours Now!

The Mocador Dolseta is more than a scarf; it is a representation of the sweetness and passion that flow in the celebration of the 9th October in Valencia.

If you're looking to treat your loved one to something special, look no further.

Order your Dolseta and give the gift of not just a marzipan, but a true symbol of Valencian love, wrapped in an explosion of colour and flavour. Make it yours and celebrate love and tradition like never before!