Ensedarte this year has participated live in the activities programmed to celebrate and give visibility to the Crafts in Spain, in the Europ DayseThe Crafts and Craftsmanship, with a workshop for children and an interview with Fundesarte online.

On Tuesday 6th April, and after more than a year of not doing activities with the public, I was lucky enough to be able to give a textile workshop to 2 groups of children and teenagers, in the Valencian Craft Centrea.

group of children at the Centro de Artesania in Valencia

In the morning I received a group of teenagers between 12/17 years old, I explained to them where they were and what my trade and work as a textile artisan was, I showed them samples of the different trades and how we work with our hands from our idea or design.

Group of teenagers decorating their T-shirts

In the afternoon a large group of 12 girls aged 6/12 also joined in to experience being a craftswoman.

I must say that everyone enjoyed the activity, and they finished decorating and drawing some Pascueras T-shirts, which they soon became proud of their work.

6 year old decorating his T-shirt

I think that the seed sown may one day bear the fruit of an artisan, because there are certainly more life options than what our children see every day on social media.

Thinking design

European Craft Days have been held throughout Europe since 2002 and have their origins in those that started in France. Les Journées Européennes des Métiers d'ArThe aim of this conference is to bring the secrets of the work of luthiers, jewellers, ceramists, lace makers, blacksmiths, weavers and all kinds of craft trades to the public, in order to disseminate their enormous wealth and uniqueness.

In Spain it is organised by Fundesarte and this year, among others, it has innovated by presenting a live video festival where people can contact, see and ask questions to the craftswomen live. This is where I have participated with a talk interview on Wednesday 7 April at 17:00 with Silvia from FundesarteWe talked about my work process, my links with the Valencian silk tradition and many other questions that the audience asked. It was very interesting and enjoyable to participate in this activity, and I think it is a very good way to reach people interested in the Valencian silk tradition. Crafts anywhere in the world.

I leave here the link so that you can see the complete video, which is uploaded together with that of my colleagues in the channel of youtube of Fundesarte.

Also, as I mentioned in the interview, if you are interested in being updated on the training activities that I will be doing this summer, stay tuned to my IG or write a message to me contacto and I will send you the info.