Valencian clothing is undoubtedly the richest in Spain, mainly due to the great value of its fabrics, silks.

Valencia and silk. Valencia is the only city in Spain where the silk industry is maintained. silk craftsmanship on handlooms, especially to make the Fallas costumes of our Falleras Mayores.

Such is the complexity and quality of the spur that one metre of it costs 1,500€ per metre, and for the suit, ten to twelve metres are used. In one day, 20 cm can be made, and no more than 4 cuts per loom. These fabrics are used for the costumes of falleras mayores. Each one carefully chooses the colours of the threads that will give rise to an exclusive combination of motifs with names and surnames.

Raquel AlarioFallera Mayor 2017 with her silk scarf Ensedarte

Other qualities of fabrics were also woven, satins, damasks, taffetas... mechanical looms were incorporated, and the use of silk (cotton silk) and rayon began to be used.

My small contribution is to transfer these handmade designs to a silk scarf so that each of these women can wear and show off this unique feeling all year round. Valencia and silk, a source of inspiration.

I work to order and made to measure with great affection, because I love silk and I love to keep the spirit of tradition and adapt it to other formats.

Clara Parejo Fallera Mayor Infantil 2017 with her silk scarf Ensedarte

If you want to give it as a present to yourself or to another fallera, you only have to enter in my web or send me a message.